Extended Undergraduate Support & Supported Transfers Package

Green Room Futures' one of a kind, ongoing and transfer specific service package is designed to assist any student or student-athlete who is currently attending a college in the USA and is seeking a transfer to another institution. This service package is the perfect blend of our College Finder and Extended Undergraduate Support packages.

Duration of Support: 1-4 years (depending on Prospect’s status within the USA)

Service Begins: After application and selection onto the Green Room Futures Program

Service Ends: Upon completion of an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in the USA!

Your service package includes:

Personal and Individualized Transfer Promotion

Value - $4,000

We handle the researching, planning, contacting, follow up, pitching, and negotiating of complimentary transfer opportunities from US Colleges. Your information is distributed to institutions and their staff based on your individual interests and personal circumstances. A promotional transfer strategy is constructed around your desired academic outcomes, academic achievement from within the US system, sporting abilities and achievements (when applicable), personal preferences, and financial circumstances. The focus of every promotional process is to secure as much financial assistance as possible, with a full scholarship being the ultimate result! At the very least, complimentary transfer options are guaranteed to be hand delivered or you will receive a full refund of your investment!

Unlimited GRF Team Access & Support for Transfer Students

Value - $4,000

Proceed confidently knowing you have professional support and accountability for your personal welfare and overall success. The GRF Team works on your schedule and is available 24/7, when it is convenient for you. Whether it’s a quick or complex question, a need for explanation, or even an ear to listen, students and parents can know and trust that our knowledgeable and experienced Team is only a phone call, text message, or an email away. We are always on call and ready to assist and support you in any and every way needed!

Personal Web Profile, Profile Promotion & Exposure for Transfer

Value - $2,000

Your personalized web profile will be established and distributed from your commencement onto the Green Room Futures program. You will be guided by the GRF Team to provide all the relevant information that recruiters and/or coaches want to see from college transfers, and your profile will be constructed in a way that allows you to stand out as a transfer prospect. Every bit of time that is afforded to us will be used intelligently and strategically, providing you with maximum exposure to institutions that compliment your continued ambitions, abilities, and preferences from within the US system.

Video Hosting and Highlight and/or Digital Portfolio Construction

Value - $4,000

Our experienced Team will direct you in providing us with appropriate video submissions specific to your sport or activity to accentuate your skills and abilities as a college transfer prospect. Our Tech Team saves you the hassle, time, and extra expense by cutting, editing, constructing, and hosting your video submissions in-house. We document and showcase your personal growth and development over your Green Room Futures student journey in ways that recruiters and coaches wish to see it, maximizing your overall outcomes as a transfer student!

All-encompassing Transfer Scholarship Search

Value - $5,500

Our knowledgeable and experienced Team will use your US academic results, extracurricular involvement and abilities, collegiate achievements, geographical location of origin, and personal financial circumstances to target and secure the maximum amount financial assistance and scholarship available as a transfer student. This is time, effort, strategy, and negotiation that could save you thousands over the remaining years of your US college experience!

Performing/Visual Arts Scholarship Search

Value when applicable - $2,500

If you’re a performing or visual arts student already in the USA who is wanting to continue developing and sharing your talents at another institution, you’re continuing to add culture, perspective, and experience as a transfer student. We will use your talents to source any additional scholarship opportunities available to you to assist in further reducing your annual cost of attendance over the remaining years you have in the USA.

College Application(s) Support and Guidance for Transfers

Value - $2,000

We save you the time, confusion, and stress that comes with every US college application by walking you step-by-step through the entirety of your transfer admissions process. Our expertly trained and experienced Team will ensure you understand every requirement for any institution you wish to apply to, as well as submit the right documentation at the right time in accordance with institutional deadlines. We remain available at your convenience to answer every question that arises, big or small, and safeguard your US college transfer admissions process from start to finish!

Athletic Eligibility Centre Support for Transfers

Value - $1,550

Getting cleared to train and compete as a collegiate transfer is a separate process altogether to applying and being admitted to an institution as a first-time student. If handled incorrectly it could cost you years of your remaining competition eligibility, or worse yet, have you deemed ineligible to continue competing altogether. Our Team of experts will oversee every aspect of your athletic eligibility process, ensuring adequate information of your participation history is provided sufficiently, efficiently and stress free, whilst securing the maximum amount of remaining collegiate eligibility you deserve.

Student VISA & SEVIS Support for Transfers

Value - $3,000

Maintaining a valid VISA and SEVIS status is crucial over the life of your overseas experience. Any violation of that status could render you incapable of travelling to and from the United States for a period of up to 10 years. There are VISA implications associated with institutional transfers that if handled incorrectly could bring your whole experience to a screeching halt. Adversely, you may require VISA extensions for further study and employment opportunities that present themselves during your time abroad. Our expertly trained and experienced Team is here to support you through all matters relating your student VISA and SEVIS status in accordance with US Federal regulations.

Health Insurance Claims Assistance

Value - $1,750

There are plenty of horror stories about the US healthcare system; people racking up massive medical bills due to limited understanding of how to source adequate health coverage, and/or navigating the claims and reimbursement process. If you are participating in an intercollegiate sport the chances of injuries abroad increase. Our expertly trained and experienced Team ensure you are always protected by having the correct medical coverage from the onset, throughout the transfer process, as well as advise and support you through any medical matters that may arise once abroad. Whether it be for general medical concerns, the need for medication and/or treatment, accidents, or injuries sustained abroad, we support you through any and all health-related medical claims and the reimbursement process.

$30,300 in total value for Extended Undergraduate Support &

Supported Transfers Package

You Pay


(Once off payment)

Payment Plan Options

5 Months - $4,500 ($900 per month via direct debit)

* Personalized deposit and payment options negotiable upon request

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